Alterations at The Blushing Bride boutique

How much do alterations cost, and why is it necessary to have alterations completed to my wedding gown? 

Alterations at the Blushing Bride boutique are a separate cost to the price of your wedding gown, and range from $350 to $500.  Alterations go above $500 when we are adding sleeves, an illusion neckline, lowering a back, adding beading, taking an a-line dress to a mermaid silhouette, adding a corset back, making more custom changes to the design of the dress, etc.

All wedding gowns require at the least, a hem and bustle.  As women, we are never the same size in our bust, waist and hips, so you will want to have alterations made to perfect the fit of your dress, by shaping the gown to fit every curve, and ultimately fit like a glove.  Our in house seamstress will meet with you during your first fitting and decide with you, what changes will be best, as well as pin your gown to show you where you need to have alterations taken in or released, and once your bodice is fitted perfectly, she will hem the bottom of your dress to your heel height, and then install a bustle to the train, so that the back of the dress comes up to be even with the length of the front of the dress.

Bridal Gown Alterations at The Blushing Bride boutique in Frisco, Texas

How far in advance should I begin my alterations?  How many appointments are necessary?

Once your dress arrives in the shop, we call the bride to let you know that your dress is here, and then we prefer to schedule your alterations as close to the wedding date as possible.  It has been our experience that most brides loose weight (even when they are not trying to) weeks before the wedding date, so we like to schedule alterations out 4-6 weeks before your wedding date.  We schedule 4 fittings with the bride, her appointments require her to be in the shop once a week to see the seamstress for about 15 minutes each time.  If the seamstress is able to finish your gown in 3 fittings we cancel the 4th fitting, and you can take your dress when ever it is convenient for you.  You gown will be prepped, steamed and ironed (if needed) and ready for pick up before your wedding date.  We can store your bridal gown safely for you in our shop until it is time to complete alterations, and after alterations are complete, until you choose to take your dress for your wedding day.

We perform alterations by appointment in our shop during the week, Monday – Friday in the afternoons.  If your schedule does not permit you to finish your alterations during the weekday afternoons here at The Blushing Bride boutique, we have a highly skilled seamstress we can refer you to outside of the shop, who can see you on the weekends, or evenings.

When do I pay for alterations?

Alterations are complete after the final fitting, and this is when payment is received for completing the alterations.  There is no extra cost for prepping the gown and keeping the gown in storage until the bride is ready to pick it up for the wedding.

If I didn’t purchase my dress at The Blushing Bride boutique, can I still set up alterations? 

Yes, of course! Our seamstress is very skilled, and has worked with many types of wedding dresses, and has expertise with customizations! There is no difference in price for an outside bride, or bridesmaids.

Can I bring in my bridesmaids dress to be fitted? 

Definitely! Alterations for bridesmaids usually range between $60-$100, typically for a hem and taking in the sides. If you only need one or the other, the costs can be decreased significantly.

What do I need to bring to all fittings? 

Please, please bring your shoes. The seamstress cannot accurately pin your hem without the heel height you are planning to wear the day of your wedding! If you cannot decide on the right pair until your first fitting, bring options to try and we will help you decide which pair is best! Please also bring the undergarments you are planning to wear: shape-wear, bra, bustier, etc. If you choose not to bring a bra, that is completely fine.  Our seamstress will typically sew bust cups into the dress!