On Trend: Bridal Separates

I know, I know.  They are 2 pieces… and yes, your mid section can show.  Depending on how long or short waisted your physique allows, you will have a little bit of skin showing with a crop style top.  There are many separate styles that are not crop tops, such as the Brea corset (shown in the first pic below) that work fantastically with either a sleek, straight chiffon skirt, or the more full ball gown styles, as shown below.

Petite brides may be mistaken, many do not think that this is the style for them, but it never fails, once we have them try on this style, they are surprised b/c it immediately draws your eye to your natural waist line.  Most separates are designed to sit on your natural waist, and for most girls this means wearing the skirt up higher than normal.  The result?  Well, it immediately makes your legs look longer, and for most girls, you have 1-2 inches of skin showing at the MAX.

No longer are the bridal separates only for brides who are getting married on the beach, or outside.  Look at how romantic, and soft the lace Brea corset looks when matched with the Almira skirt (shown in 1st pic)?  Really, the bride is the only one who needs to know this look is really 2 pieces!  The bridal separates supersede the destination only bride, it can be worn for the traditional church wedding, barn wedding, or even city venue wedding as well.


This blog feature was written by Shana Lepsis, owner // The Blushing Bride boutique in Frisco, Texas.